Alimo Demos Plugin Update

We had to showcase all the pretty new features of Alimo 1.2 so what better way than to create a new demo and update existing ones ?

Alimo Health is the new member of the shiny One Click Demos available for import.

Alimo Deco received some small updates, but our Main Demo was rebuild from the ground up. We had too many ideas to just update the previous version so we decided to just start fresh and we think it came out pretty nice.

We recommend using the Demo Importer only for testing purposes and not on a live site as it imports posts, menus, widgets and theme options that will surely mess with your existing settings. If you see something you like in one of our demos and want to have it on your existing blog, just head over to Messenger and ask away. We’ll gladly help you out.

Happy Blogging 😉

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