Alimo Posts Slider

This element allows you to create a slider of your favourite posts. It’s recommended for the header area or as a section separator between other elements.

As with all the other elements, you can find it under the LayerBlend tab in either the Backend or Frontend Editor of the WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer).

The General tab allows you to define the following settings :

Slider Layout – this option controls the layout of the post details: Center, Left-Center, Left-Bottom, Center-Bottom.

Slide Overlay Color – Add an overlay to every slide with a custom color. Remember to set an alpha value or the images won’t be visible.

Slider Height – The default height of the slider is 550 pixels but you can set a different one if you want.

Slider Mobile Height – Set a different height on mobile devices for the slider. The default is 350 pixels.

Slide Transition – Fade or slide, pick your favourite.

Center Mode – Creates a sneak peak preview of the previous and next slides. Works with Side Transition only.

Show Navigation Bullets – Enable or disable the navigation bullets.

Bullets Style – Numbers or bullets are the options available. Pick the one you like best.

Show Next/Prev Arrows – Choose whether to show or hide the navigation arrows.

Autoplay – Set if the slider should advance to the next slide automatically or not.

Autoplay Speed – If autoplay is enabled, choose the delay between each slide. Value is in milliseconds and the default is 3000 (3 seconds).

Title Font Size – We’ve predefined five values for the post title : XL, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny. Choose one that you like best.

Font Family – You have the option to select a google font for the post title.

Font Style – You can also select what font weight you prefer for the post title.

Post Details Font Color – Set a custom color for the post details

Post Details Background Color – Set a custom background color for the post details and achieve a card effect.


The Data Settings tab allows you to define the following settings :

Number of posts to show – this option limits the number of posts retrieved by the listing. By default, the latest 10 posts will be displayed. Change it if you’d like or leave it empty to show all found posts.

Ignore sticky posts – if there are posts within the query result that are part of sticky posts, WordPress will push them to the top of the query result, adding them to the number of posts to show set. The default settings is to not add sticky posts at top, they show up according to their order.

Order by – Choose to sort the found posts either by date or by title. The default is by date.

Sort order – Once sorted, you can set a sort order: ascending or descending.


The Design Options tab

The options found here allow you to define settings related to the posts listing wrapper and works the same way as it does for the default Page Builder elements. It’s useful in case you want to set a specific padding or margin to achieve a desired alignment with other elements.


The shortcode for this element is [alimo_posts_slider] and the attributes it supports are the following:

'listing_type' can have one of the following values 'layout-1','layout-2','layout-3' or 'layout-4'.
'font_size' represents the title font and can have one of the following values 'size1', 'size2', 'size3', 'size4' or 'size5'.
'height' takes an integer value and represents the desktop slider height. Default '550'.
'mobile_height' takes an integer value and represents the mobile slider height. Default '350'.
'transition' TRUE or FALSE – if the slider transition should be fade (true) or slide (false).
'center_mode' TRUE or FALSE – if the slider should be in center mode or not.
'show_navigation' TRUE or FALSE – if the navigation should show or not.
'navigation_style' takes one of two values navi-numbers or navi-dots.
'show_arrows' TRUE or FALSE – wether to display the navigation arrows or not.
'autoplay' TRUE or FALSE – should the slider autoplay or not.
'autoplay_speed' – integer value of the autoplay speed in milliseconds. Default is ‘3000’.
'category' accepts comma separated values of available category slugs
'posts_per_page' uses an integer value representing the number of posts to fetch
'ignore_sticky_posts' takes either TRUE or FALSE
'orderby' accepts either ‘date’ or ‘title’ as values
'order' accepts 'ASC' or 'DESC'

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