Row Element Powerup

Let’s face it, the default Page Builder Row element is pretty cool, but when building our beautiful demos we noticed it was missing some features, namely an option to add an overlay color and the option to use a custom url for videos instead of just YouTube or Vimeo.

So we added them 🙂

You’ll notice the new Color Overlay tab available when you click edit on the row element which offers you the option to add an overlay color to your row element.

If you want, you can also enable the gradient option which gives you access to a secondary color picker and the gradient angle. With the help of the gradient angle you can achieve really cool effects like a left to right gradient, top to bottom (default) or custom angle, it’s up to you.

If you set a background image in the Design Options tab, remember to set the overlay strength to something other than Solid so that the image can be seen through the overlay.

We’re really curious to see what designs you come up with. Give us a shout out on Facebook Messenger to showcase your work and we’ll feature it so that others can get inspiration.

Happy Blogging 😉

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