Logo Options

To keep it simple we added some options that are easy to use and understand in your customization process. You can use the customizer or the options pannel to edit this settings.

Go to  Dashboard > Alimo > Design > Logo and here you’ll find the following options :

  • Upload Logo Image

  • Logo Size Selector

You can select your logo to be displayed Small, Medium or Large 

  • Logo Alt Text

If you have an image logo, this text will be added to the alt tag

  • Logo Font

Don’t have a logo? Well a logo font is great too and if you use google fonts why not just write it. Your font logo will be based on you site title so be sure to set it right and then just select the font you like.

  • Favicon

A favicon is the image that gets displayed in the address bar of every browser. Use an image that makes your site stand out from the other tabs your visitors might have open. Keep it small and square (min 16x16px – max 128x128px).

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