Listing Layouts

Alimo has 5 listing layout you can use and siple to set up. You cand find the options for listiong layouts in Dashboard Alimo Options Design Listing Layouts and look like this:

You can select one of the folowing layouts:
Standard, Masonry,Grid, Interlaced Half (also known as Overlay or Interlaced), Interlaced Fullwidth (also known as Interlaced)

Here you can select a listing layout for the Index page(this is the homepage in case you don’t change it), Category page, Search page, Author page, Date archive page, Tag page & Archive page.

They can be different or they can just be the same, either way works. If you don’t know how they look we listed them bellow, also you can see them live on the main demo, simply select the desired layout from the header menu under Blog Layouts.





(also known as Interlaced Half or Interlaced Blog Listing)


(also known as Interlaced Full or Interlaced Full Width Image Blog Listing)

You can also use different layouts on different pages no matter what general setting ware made in the options panel. You’ll find Page Templates under Page Attributes in your dashboard when editing a page.

There you will find a dropdown selector with the next page templates:

Default (witch is a black page with sidebar), Default No Sidebar (blank page with no sidebar), Grid Blog Listing, Interlaced Blog Listing(also known as Overlay), Interlaced Full Width Image Blog Listing (also known as Interlaced), Masonry Blog Listing & Standard Blog Listing

We know the interlaced(overlay) and Interlaced full(interlaced) layouts are confusing, we will correct this in the near future.


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