Transparent Header

The transparent header is really cool. You can use it to create pages like this or other like it. When you activate it all the content will float underneath, combine it with images, videos or sliders to create that cool looking page you always wanted.

You can set a different logo and a different color for your menu and social icons. In case the image underneath a dark, select the transparent menu item color white or a lighter color.

You’ll find the option for the transparent header menu item color(changes color for the menu, social icons, search icon and hamburger menu) in your Dashboard Alimo Options Design Header Layout

and if you want a diffrent logo for your transparent header go to Dashboard Alimo Options Design Logo. This will only be visible on the pages and posts with transparent header active.

To turn on the transparent header, go to the desired page or post and under the editor you’ll find the Post/Page Custom Options. Simply press the switch button to enable it.

Thats it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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