Header Layout Options

Here there are quite a few options for the header, but you’ll find the most complex to be the Banner Logo Header.

The Main Options here are:

  • Header Layout

You can choose one of the 3 types of header layouts.


Banner Logo Layout has the header menu floating left near the Logo as you can see below.


Centred Menu Layout has the header menu centred


Banner Logo Layout has the header menu floating left and the logo will not be shown in the header bar.

When Banner Logo is selected you’ll see the options listed below appear.

Banner Header Background Color

You can pick a background color for the header, the default: rgba(207, 52, 74, 0.8) ).

 Just remeber to press the Choose button in order to save the selected color.

  This option can also be used as a color overlay in case you decide to add a background image. In this case make sure the selected color has a minimum transparency setting.

Banner Header Background Image

If you would like to use a backgorund image for the header area, upload it in this section. The image will apear underneath the logo, and remember that you can use the background color as an overlay.

 Ow ow, and the best part is that this can olso be an Animated GIF. Check out this example here

Banner Logo

The banner logo has to be set from here and not from the Logo Options Tab. Also, the logo added here will not overwrite/change or add the logo on the other header layouts.

Banner Logo Font

This works the same as the logo font options in the Logo Options Tab but here there are some extra features like Font Weight, Subsets, Font Size, Line Height & Font Color.

  This will not overwrite/change or add a logo font on the other header layouts.

  • Boxed / Full-width Header

This options sets the header left/right margins.

  This will not affect the search icon!

  • Header Background Color / Gradient

Here you’ll find two color selectors From & To. From represents the left corner amd To the right corner.

  If you only select the From color this will apply a a single background color to the header and not a gradient. See example below!

  When both From & To have colors selected a gradient with the to colors will be applied to the header background

See example below!

  • Header Background Color Angle for Gradient

This whill change the angle of the gradient. Default value is 55 (left to right).

  • Social Profiles

This will enable your social profiles that you want to apear in the header. Use the drag icon on the right to set the order in which they appear.

 Make sure you add the profile URL’s in Social Media > Profiles, save changes and refresh the page otherwise they won’t appear

  • Disable/Enable Search

Use this switch to show or hide the search.

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