Updating Alimo to the latest version

Hey there !

So you want to update Alimo to the latest and greatest, do you ?  Well, this article should help you out.

As always, we insist on the fact that you should make a full backup before any updates to the files.

First, decide on what you want to do:

If you have an existing blog, remember, don’t install the demo content – this feature is strictly for demo purposes for new blogs. It’s a way for you to quickly see what Alimo has to offer in terms of options, layout and so on. We’ve written more about this feature here.

We always try to publish a change log about what each new update brings. Be sure to read it and see if you need to update the whole theme or just some files. If you can’t find the information, you can reach us* on Facebook or on our Support System and we’ll gladly help (and also add a blog post or some sort of FAQ for future users).

*On this note, if our help page doesn’t do its job properly, please feel free to suggest improvements. We and the Alimo community will grateful.

Steps to update the theme:

  1. Install and activate Theme Upgrades Tool
  2. Unzip the file you just downloaded from ThemeForest and locate the WordPress Theme. (eg. alimo.zip) – make sure it’s not alimo_package.zip as this contains the theme zip and additional files, and the WordPress install will fail.
  3. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Click on “Appearance > Themes”.
  5. Click on the “Add new” button in the top part of the page, then click “Upload Theme”.
  6. Click “Browse…” and locate the new theme file. (eg. alimo.zip)
  7. In the “Upgrade existing theme?” option choose “Yes” from the dropdown list.
  8. Click “Install Now”.
  9. Click “Activate”.

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