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Snap Inc.’s ‘Spectacles’ are fetching as much as $2,500 on eBay


Yesterday, Snap Inc. — formerly Snapchat — started selling its first hardware product, ‘Spectacles,’ in a kooky pop-up vending machine called a ‘bot.’ The bot stays put for all of 24 hours before moving to a new location to offer up Spectacles to other crazed fans.

And crazed they are. Those that haven’t been lucky enough to spot a bot in the wild (or on the website) are paying some serious coin to snag them on eBay. Fox News reports they’ve been listed as high as $3,000, although the average seems to be closer to $1,000. Still, that’s quite a hefty markup over the $129 retail price.

I know what you’re saying, you can list products for any price you want on eBay, it doesn’t mean people are going to buy them: but they are!

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