11 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2018

In 2017, the definition of “wellness” shifted. At mindbodygreen, we know that wellness is bigger than any individual’s journey. We are banding together to heal one another, our communities, and the planet. mbg’s new look and feel are reflective of our evolved purpose, and so is our new mantra, one we hope will illuminate the way to a better, brighter 2018: You. We. All.

We’re excited that this year’s trends set the stage for a world in which wellness is more accessible than ever. In previous years, our predictions were spot on. Back in 2015, we called out supplement startups and the role of telomeres in aging. In 2016, guac was everywhere (we’re not complaining), healthy tourism became an industry, and people made their homes sanctuaries complete with greenery and succulents. Last year, we were one of the first to call women’s spaces and circles a trend, and we also saw personalized nutrition, medicinal mushrooms, and ketosis take off.



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